May 31, 2020

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999dice Dice Games Review: Scam or not?

Name – 999dice

Address – Zurich, Switzerland

Program – Webbased

Bonus – 50% of the home advantage of EVERY bet made by EVERYONE you refer gets added to a balance (50% x 0.1% = 0.05% of bets). com

Com and exactly what Dice Game they offer. They have a dice game which is, obviously, operating beneath Provably Fair, that is obviously great news for gamers that wishes to play with a game of dice. Unlike any other online casinos on the market today, here at 999dicethey operate with one game alone and that is Dice!

01 - APP RealDiceBot 999DICE Ganhe Doge na Moral - YouTube

Yes, they only one type of Dice sport and they aren’t shy about that. They also accept different kinds of crypto-currencies, which are easier for folks to play together. Here are the currencies they take. In addition they have a 99.9% Payout which they’re very pleased with! You will be able to observe a short explanation on why they are better compared to other websites due to the 0.1percent Dollar.


You’re also able to earn BTC by simply referring people to your own site! How awesome is that?


Dice Betting

You begin the game by choosing your Bet dimensions; the minimal is 0.00000001 up to just how much you are willing to spend each draw. Please bear in mind the larger your likelihood of winning, the lesser you earn profit. While performing the adjustments, you are able to use your mouse or your computer keyboard depending upon the mapped keys exhibited on the game display.


Bitcoin Faucet

Back in 999dice. Com, they have a feature called”Bitcoin Faucet” wherein you are able to maintain real Bitcoins every 2 minutes! Yes, those are liberated Bitcoins direct to a account with them. They made this feature to ensure new players such as us can try their Dice Game without depositing any actual cash . That’s really great, as you’d enjoy the characteristics and perform them out a bit before moving in with the actual Moolah. Please be informed that you are only able to claim once every 2 minutes, once a IP and once a account.


Even though there isn’t a bonus given to the players who deposit money to the site there still is a means to get up and going playing completely for free.


This is a technique used by different similar websites and it is known as”Faucet”. The faucet is often known as a free pool of cash where players may withdraw a few funds whenever they got the need to.

999dice - NBotOne - SingleBet Simple Martingale - YouTube

But, 999Dice doesn’t”roll” like that (pun intended). Rather than allowing you to get some free chips to play with only when you’re entirely out of money they’ll allow you to access the totally free faucet and get some every 2.5 seconds!


We guess you have not seen something like this done before.


999Dice Mobile App?

Though 999Dice doesn’t provide a dedicated cellular app you can still access the site and play from your tablet or smartphone .


This may be done since the design of the site is so lightweight and well optimized for mobile use that devices regardless of their processing capacity can enter and normally use the site!


Who is this Casino great for?

Well, using a 99.9% return to player, this stage must be the very best in the world, moneywise, and everybody is able to play there since the betting limits can be so small they are considered almost non-existent so large that you can money in up to 40 Bitcoins in one go!



999Dice offers a fantastic referral program. For each and every individual that creates an account on their website and deposits money, you will get half the quantity of the house edge.


This is half of 0.1% so that you get 0.05percent for all the bets they make regardless of if they lose or win!


999Dice’s Total Rating

It is about time we speed this online casino.


First, seeing their game choice we’ve but to provide them a 5/5 as the entire platform is dedicated to a single game and since the house edge is really low they completely deserve these five things.


There might not be any bonuses but you can actually access the totally free Faucet and receive funds every 2.5 minutes. This is not something you see daily. It even awards a little all cryptocurrencies and not just your favorite one. 5/5 for this too.


As for banking even though they’ve implemented a flawless and quick system we would still prefer not to see a transaction fee when withdrawing.


Still, the house advantage is 0.1% so we suppose that the owners still have the need to earn some money so we can’t blame them for that. 5/5 for this as well.


Mobile gaming on their stage couldn’t be any better than how it is. Fast loading times and total access to all facets of your account in addition to any section of the website. So once again we will give them a 5/5 for this.


The only thing that we did not like and found quite irresponsible on their part is that the absence of this support section.


We would at least like to see an email address being publicly displayed so that the players could use it to contact the support. Regrettably, we must provide them a 3/5 for this.


999Dice general rating is an amazing 4.6/5!



So, what exactly did you think of our 999Dice review?


Personally, we feel that the people behind this platform are sheer professionals and great gamblers who understand what players want consequently the very little 0.1% House Edge that they offer.


Now go to their own site, assert some money in the free faucet and give their game a go.