August 15, 2020

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IOTA Selv – digital health pass

IOTA Selv is a digital health pass. The Federal Government's Corona Warning app has now been downloaded a little more than 15 million times. Experts especially praise compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation DSVGO of the European Union. The German-based IOTA Foundation recently presented the demo app IOTA Selv as an alternative to the mostly centralized global applications in health management. The IOTA Selv demo is available for Android and iOs as well as a desktop version on this website .

IOTA Selv, the digital health pass

The digital health passport IOTA Selv, which is based on the distributed ledger technology, is open source and accessible to everyone worldwide. With the IOTA -based passport, people should be able to get back to their everyday and professional lives more quickly. Both are important factors for functioning social systems.

In Germany there were numerous discussions about systemically relevant professions and interrupted supply chains. The lack of employees led to different effects, it was not uncommon for people to stand in front of empty shelves, operations were postponed and children stayed at home because the kindergartens and kindergartens were closed. Everyone was more or less affected by the consequences of the Corona virus.

With its development, IOTA relies on the fast and uncomplicated possibility of storing, sharing and verifying its identity and the associated health data on a DLT basis. This is made possible by the IOTA tangle and its unique structure.

By participating in hackathons, the foundation wants to drive the development of the Tangle and remain among the leading cryptocurrencies in the coming years. After all, experts see the course development tied to new applications and collaborations, as you can read here: IOTA forecast 2020 to 2025.

IOTA Selv demo app for Android and Apple

IOTA Selv was picked up on the occasion of a global hackathon, the "Financial Times innovative Lawyers – Global Legal Hackathon Challenge", and implemented together with the US law firm Dentons, the world's largest of its kind.

As the IOTA Foundation emphasizes, the digital health passport in the app optimized for mobile phones is absolutely secure and complies with the strict regulations of the European Data Protection Regulation. Both criteria that repeatedly brought up skeptics and critics, both of the technology and the Corona Warn app .

The aim is to develop solutions to the most urgent legal, regulatory and civil society challenges of the COVID 19 crisis, according to the organizers of the worldwide hackathon. source

Individuals can have full control over their digital identity and health data, and IOTA guarantees their authenticity. IOTA Identy's architectural design has been validated by Dentons' data protection attorneys.

Specifically, IOTA Selv is designed to enable people to share their COVID-19 test results and vaccinations with employers or government agencies.

IOTA Selv is intended to help people return to work faster in the event of health threats and to be able to move freely across borders. The developers emphasize that IOTA Selv was developed to alleviate the consequences of the Covid 19 crisis to some extent.

There are no fees for users of using the app for the international management of health data on a decentralized system.

IOTA Selv complies with data protection regulations

All user data remains encrypted on the user's device. External security consultants have fully examined the solution and the lawyers have confirmed conformity with the EU data protection regulation. The contactless method of collecting and viewing health data is scalable and interoperable.

IOTA Selv follows the W3C specifications and can be easily integrated into existing Covid 19 toolkits in individual countries. At least that is what the theory says, because where there is no system, the app cannot be integrated. Only a few countries have so far taken the path of a Corona app, similar to the solution of the federal government in Germany.

The IOTA Foundation hopes that this will mitigate the massive economic impact of the corona crisis, as the lockdowns have caused the worst economic crises in a century worldwide.

Employees in systemically relevant professions must be able to provide essential services during a pandemic without posing a risk to themselves or to others.

In addition, the cross-border movement of goods is not only an essential motor of a global economy, but also ensures the supply of the population. Economies must therefore continue to operate under these special conditions.

Source: Global Legal Hackathon

DID and self-confident identities form the basis

The IOTA Selv App is based on the technology of digital identifiers , or DID for short. IOTA's digital identity management provides three roles within the framework of self-confident identities:

  1. owner
    Owners are owners of digital identities. You have ultimate control over your data and decide how much and with whom you share your data.
  2. Issuers
    Issuers are trustworthy third parties or authorities that create credentials such as health records or ID documents and issue them to holders.
  3. Verifier
    Verifiers are all third parties who have to verify the authenticity of a holder's data. For example, an auditor needs to verify that the owner really is who he claims to be.

In many professions it is necessary for employees to be close to customers or patients. Therefore, companies need to ensure that the work environment is safe. The global health challenges will continue to rise in the future.

The mobile IOTA Selv app is currently only available as a demo version and shows how health data and identity management work in practice. Using a combination of cryptography and distributed ledger technology (DLT), a framework can be created to generate and validate digital credentials for health data and personal identities.

A person's credentials are only stored locally on their device so employers and relevant authorities can securely validate them.

Digital health data in the future

So far only as a demo version, because the IOTA Foundation still lacks the money to offer the app across the board. However, one now wants to make intensive efforts to make these investments, according to the press release. The IOTA course looks positive, as the next screenshot shows.

IOTA Selv MIOTA course
@, MIOTA course

New technologies can ensure that the world is better armed in the future. Proof of your own identity via a decentralized system based on distributed ledger technology represents the next stage in technological development and guarantees the authenticity of digital health data.

The future will show to what extent the user is able to receive health data in digital form. Because in Germany every vaccination certificate is currently only available in paper form and a digital health record is more of a dream of the future than today's technology.