July 14, 2020

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Pulse Empire – crypto trading for everyone?

Pulse Empire – the next revolution in network marketing and apparently the wrong investment in cryptocurrencies. Based on some videos in YouTube by Pulse Empire and the reporting by Strg_F, we want to summarize the public reports here.

They come from a small village at the foot of Hohenzollern Castle, nestled in the rolling hills of the Swabian Jura, around 60 km from Stuttgart. Both brothers, Albin and Merlin, attend the Waldorf school in Balingen and have there their own statements that they play the role of outsiders.

Pulse Empire and crypto trading

But maybe the Swabian stubborn just didn’t want to see what great financial geniuses the two blond-haired boys from middle-class houses are. In the meantime, Albin and Merlin Endler know at least a broad mass of young people who are hungry for money and ready to invest. And they were only too happy to give them both their savings and maybe one or two euros more for the worthwhile investment in the booming DeFi sector.

Convincingly convincing and enthusiastic about the followers, that’s something that both young entrepreneurs can do very well. On stage they exude their charm, their charisma and their conviction to which they have made a big investment, which they described as a “revolution in network marketing”.

And so what came was coming – Risen from the BitClub Network, where it was about mining Bitcoin , they quickly found their way to “Everything Different” and founded Pulse Empire.

People were only too happy to follow them, as they were considered a successful role model for many in multilevel network marketing. The Endler brothers had already built up a very extensive and extremely active network of young budding investors in the past few years and did not have to convince them for a long time.

Their marketing system called Pulse Empire was born and, similar to the Bitclub Network and the well-known Crypotempire, which no longer exists, the two preached along with entourage about great returns and easy money in trading.

“Everything different” – just empty promises?

It should be a big bang, indeed a revolution in the network marketing market. Blinded by their guiding principle “Everything Different”, many convinced new participants did not even realize that they were on the best way to put their money into the wrong person’s hands. It was only when the money of the investment-loving supporters suddenly disappeared and the responsible broker was over the mountain that the Endler disciples met the first real doubts about the announced revolution. But one after the other:

Pulse Empire, it said:

  • Albin Endler, Chief Operation Manager and his brother
  • Merlin Endler as CMO Chief Marketing Officer
  • Jan Kostrzewa as CFO Chief Financial Manager
  • Bernd Stöckl as CEO Chief Executive Officer, the chief executive and
  • Daniel Maier as CIO Chief Information Officer

Instagram started looking for new followers and followers and did not have to search too long. Annual returns of 5 to 10% have been announced, of course not promised or guaranteed. But announced and presented to the audience in Stuttgart in this one, very special and really very convincing way.

The minimum deposit of € 2,000 was certainly for the “little man” and young professionals. They all left the event with a firm belief in the great chance of making a lot of money within a very short time. But also with the repeated mission to find as many participants as possible for the Pulse Empire network who were also willing to invest their money with the broker.

In generous events in an impressive setting, people started to hunt for new trailers and, in the midst of loud presentations and effect-chasing light effects, made sure that in the end not a few were willing to open their well-earned money into a trading account with FXB Trading and one with the deposit Power of attorney to sign.

Pulse Empire investors ready to invest in crypto

Basically, hardly anyone at the event really understood WHAT he was going to sell, only HOW to find new trailers, was explained in detail. The small print was impressed by the enthusiasm of the young brothers, their big plans and of course the prospect of high returns, which many probably ignored or accepted in good faith. These chances of success were too good to destroy with a few contractual clauses.

But it said in black and white that Pulse Empire only provides a network and that the funds go to the sole proxy of FXB Trading, which is based in Cyprus. There is no easier money, investors were blinded like this or something like that and nobody really questioned the system, which is actually just simple math.

Each partner recruits new partners who then recruit new partners. Everyone pays into the system and the higher-level partner receives the commission from the deposit of the advertised. There’s one left in the end, right? Right, and as always he is left behind. Unfortunately, in the end more than one person was left empty-handed.

Albin and Merlin Endler were celebrating like pop stars and never tired of telling everyone that they had generated more than $ 120 million in sales over the course of their network marketing career. In the ears of good-faith people, this sounded like the promise of a better life and as a way out of the “poor” world with the conventional social infrastructure.

Pulse Empire has promised a lot and kept very little. It was supposed to be a big bang in the history of network marketing and in the end only a lot of good faith people were rid of their money. On old videos with company presentations you can still find what the word Pulse stood for:

  • P = Professional
  • U = Unique
  • L = Longevity
  • S = superior
  • E = Easy

Pulse Empire and the FXB broker

You were certainly not the only one who could score with this stitch. But they were definitely the most convincing on the market. A passive income should be there for everyone in the network. They may not have explained in sufficient detail that a 6.25% “penalty” must be paid for each trading account that is closed before the end of 1 year.

And maybe they haven’t pointed out enough that the Bellatoria Corp Ltd. they founded based in Cyprus, only served as an intermediary. Apparently also that the sole responsibility for accepting and accessing customer funds lay exclusively with the recommended broker FXB.

According to Pulse Empire, the job was to bring together an open community with professional traders. They have had great success in the past and have given investors access to profitable traders.

Bellatoria has received commissions for this, namely two payments , the two brothers said in a video they published on May 14, 2020. Already when paying the third commission, there were suddenly difficulties with the broker. At the same time, there were apparently payment problems with the first customer accounts.

Network of Pulse Empire tipsters

In the same video, the two successful brothers also point out that they are not legally responsible for the broker’s dubious business practices. You only see a moral guilt here. Then they apologize to their followers for being so naive and trusting only one business consultant to rate the broker.

That management consultancy, Preston Brant Associates , made the recommendation and promoted the FXB broker as part of copy trading at Pulse Empire. And so the brothers Albin and Merlin only have the conclusion that they were the victims of their own naivety. After all, one would have blindly relied on their reputation and recommendation. And that without getting a second or even third opinion, the brothers continued in the video.

BaFin prohibits business in Germany

In the meantime, BaFin has owned the Fazco Capital Ltd. under the brand FXB Trading . withdrawn their permission to offer their business in Germany. If you look into the company details, you will find that a law firm in Cyprus is the owner of Fazco Capital Ltd.

Their representative is the lawyer Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC from Cyprus. And he has a number of awards for his law firm that are impressive. The law firm apparently owns 75 other brand names . This could lead to the view that it serves as a service provider for legal registration.

In any case, the fact is that the central broker has escaped and with it the money of the investors. In the video from April 28th, 2020, the Endler brothers once again explain exactly what happened from their point of view. They never tire of stressing that they, after all, have lost a lot of money and are among the victims, not the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, according to the video, a new gigantic project is already being prepared from Switzerland’s place of residence. VSI GmbH (https://www.endlerbrothers.de/impressum/) has existed since 02.09.2019 and, according to the entry in the commercial register, provides “ Services and advice in the area of sales, service and investments and trading in goods of all kinds.”


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Endler Brothers apparently facing new “revolution”

On the website www.endlerbrothers.de you can read: “From a few 1000 € a month to several 10,000 € through leadership!” And further that you are now an exclusive community group. It is a matter close to the heart of the two founders to pass on their acquired knowledge to this community. And that you can get the whole thing for free, is announced in a company video. Community participants should receive basic knowledge such as:

  • How did we become a leader?
  • What key skills does a leader need?
  • How can leaders perform on a constant level?

Perhaps no coincidence, but the term “performan” comes from performance and in banking this term stands for the percentage increase in the value of the assets of an investment company or of an individual security. Again, it should be about financial matters, at least that is the impression when reading.

It seems extremely likely that this call will also be received by the followers. And anyone who would like to hear that there are these great trading revolutions.

If you want to increase your money in the long term, want to develop in the areas of sales, leadership and money management and are looking for a community that supports you in your goals, we look forward to hearing from you. source

At almost the same time, Wallstreet-Online published an interview with the top expert Merlin Endler on the topic of international sales development and leadership. Maybe just a coincidence or an attempt to get positive headlines on time for a fresh start.

Conclusion: Keep your eyes open when investing in crypto

While the Endler brothers are trying to convince the community of their innocence, there are apparently legal steps against former ally Jan Kostrzewa.

Therefore, next week legal steps are going to be taken against MR. JAN KOSTRZEWA. Mr. Kostrzewa was involved in the company and responsible for the introduction of trading possibilities to the company. On that way, far more than 100 BTC disappeared and Mr. Kostrzewa disappeared as well and is not reachable anymore. Furthermore it came to light, that Mr. Kostrzewa was involved in 2 other trading companies, where as well funds are missing. Our lawyer is still trying to get in contact with Feroca Ltd., which is the other trading party involved. source

Pulse Empire Limited is currently registered in Hong Kong and was part of Bellatoria Corp Ltd. According to one report, Jan Kostrzewa was also the director of the Endler Brothers’ then-based company in Cyprus. Obviously, this has disappeared just like the responsible consultant at broker FXB. And of course the money, of which there is no trace.

And the moral of the story? Keep your eyes open when investing in Bitcoin & Co! The big comparison of cryptocurrency trading platforms gives more information about crypto brokers.